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Staff List


Team Building Activities during INSET


Senior Leadership Team

Mr Jamie Vermiglio Headteacher
Miss Emma Collins

Deputy Headteacher

Mrs Claire MacDonald Senior Leadership Team, Foundation Stage Leader, EYFS Class Teacher
Miss Caroline McAleavy Senior Leadership Team,  Key Stage 1 Team Leader, Y1 Class Teacher 
Mrs Hannah Keen  Senior Leadership Team, Lower Key Stage 2 Team Leader, Y4 Class Teacher
Mrs Rachel Ralph Senior Leadership Team, Upper Key Stage 2 Team Leader, Y5 Class Teacher
Mrs Katie Barlow (maternity leave) SENDCo/PPA Cover

Foundation Stage (EYFS/Reception) – 2 Classes

Mrs Claire MacDonald

FS Leader, Class Teacher

Mrs Georgina Robinson

Class Teacher

Miss Rebecca Yemm

Teaching Assistant

Mrs Heather Erlam

Teaching Assistant

Mrs Mandy Holley

Teaching Assistant

Mrs Sarah Myles

Teaching Assistant

Miss Jessica Burke

Teaching Assistant

SENDCo/Pastroral Lead

Miss Katie Barlow



Miss Lauren Rowlands

Pastoral Lead (Mon/Wed and every other Friday)

Office Staff

Mrs Jane Hill

School Business and Development Manager

Mrs Louise Wakefield

SIMS Officer

Mrs Stacey Lewis

Finance and Admin Officer

Key Stage 1 (Years 1 and 2)

Miss Caroline McAleavy

KS1 Leader, Y1 Class Teacher

Mr Sam Sinclair Smith

Y1 Class Teacher

Mrs Helen Stewart

Y2 Class Teacher (4 days)

Mrs Amanda Price

Y2 Class Teacher (4 days)

Miss Elizabeth Hughes

Y1 & Y2 Class Teacher (1 day each)

Mrs Lauren Birkhead

Y1 Teaching Assistant

Miss Michelle Loboda

Y1 Teaching Assistant

Miss Eleanor Roberts

Y2 Teaching Assistant

Mrs Chloe Chilton

Y2 Teaching Assistant

Mrs Lucy Worrell-Shelley

Y2 Teaching Assistant 1:1

Mrs Sarah Murphy

Y2 Teaching Assistant

Key Stage 2 (Years 3 to 6)

Mrs Hannah Keen

Lower KS2 Leader, Y4 Class Teacher (Mat Leave)

Mrs Charlotte Dell

Lower KS2 Leader, Y4 Class Teacher (Mat Cover)

Mrs Rachel Ralph

Upper KS2 Leader, Y5 Class Teacher

Miss Danielle Thomas

Y3 Class Teacher

Mr Simon Donoghue

Y3 Class Teacher (4 days)

Miss Elizabeth Hughes

Y3 Class Teacher (1 day)

Mrs Meredith Craven

Y4 Class Teacher 

Miss Sarah Nesbitt

Y3 Class Teacher (1 day Mat Leave)

Mr David Fairlie

Class 5 Teacher (Mat Cover)

Mrs Kim Watkinson

Class 6 Teacher

Mrs Michelle Brookes

Class 6 Teacher

Mrs Val Haynes

Y3 Teaching Assistant (am)

Mrs Helen Knight

Y3 Teaching Assistant (3 days)

Mrs Kerry Delooze

Y3 Teaching Assistant (2 days)

Miss Sarah Beckingham

Y3 Teaching Assistant

Ms Lisa Salt

Y4 Teaching Assistant

Miss Chloe Hough

Y4 Teaching Assistant

Mrs Rachel Potter

Y4 Teaching Assistant (Maternity Leave)

Miss Michelle Loboda

Y4 Teaching Assistant (Maternity Cover)

Mrs Debbie Maloney

Y5Teaching Assistant

Mrs Victoria Schofield

Y5 Teaching Assistant

Mrs Jeannette McGarity

Y5 Teaching Assistant

Mrs Niki Burke

Y6 Teaching Assistant

Mrs Karen Bate

Y6 Teaching Assistant

Mrs Sue Dawson

Y6 Teaching Assistant

Mr Daniel Hitchen

 Teaching Assistant

Other Staff

Mr Gary Ennis

Site Maintenance Officer

Mrs Jackie Riley

Senior Midday Assistant

Mrs Nicola Shovelton

Midday Assistant

Mrs Jenny Birch

Midday Assistant

Mrs Oana Ghica

Midday Assistant

Ms Emma Boardman

Midday Assistant

Mr David Elrick

Casual Midday Assistant

Mrs Kanas Chan 

Midday Assistant

Mrs Kirsty Heald

Midday Assistant

Mrs Samantha Catherall

 Midday Assistant

Miss Hannah Prach

Midday Assistant

Mrs Helina Miah-Malek

Midday Assistant

Catering Team

Mrs Tracy Lamont

School Cook

Mrs Ann Clegg

Catering Assistant

Mrs Lorraine Coley

Catering Assistant

Mrs Wendy Kane

Catering Assistant

Miss Ashly Allerton

Catering Assistant

Ms Vicky Leyland

Catering Assistant

Cleaning Team

Jenny Birch

School Cleaner

Sandra Geraghty

School Cleaner

Andrea Stonehouse

School Cleaner

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