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Information For Prospective Parents AND Parents New To Reception (EYFS)

Please click the image to download Locking Stumps Community Primary School Parent Handbook.  Parent Handbook image for website

Take a look at our Twitter page (@Lockiescps) for a snapshot of what we get up to in school. 

To apply to our school for a place please click: https://www.warrington.gov.uk/schools

or call 01925446226 (Tina or Karen)    


This usually takes place in November - If you would like to look around the school, please contact the school office - 01925 819076


See the video made by a fantastic child in Year 5 - Persuasive Language! COME TO LOCKING STUMPS! 


Tour of the School

A brief tour of our school. No children were filmed. This video is used alongside our propsective parent meeting where we provide some additional information realting to the environement. 

Want to be persuaded to visit? Read these letters written by some of our fantastic Year 6 children -  you can also visit our Writing Wall to learn more! 

Dear parent/carer,

                                 Welcome to Locking Stumps! As a valued pupil-since I started in reception- I proudly recommend this school. Every child is cared for and given an excellent education that other schools can’t provide. Do you really want to miss this remarkable opportunity?

The standards of behaviour here are exceptional and we are proud of this accolade; OFSTED obviously thought this as well as we achieved goods in all aspects expect from behaviour in which we got outstanding! We have a zero tolerance bullying programme and teachers are very comforting and understanding to the victim. Staff cater for all children and happily give supplementary help when needed as everyone has their weaknesses in subjects. An example of this could be seen within the intervention groups lead by responsible, knowledgeable teachers

Even though Maths, English and topic are our vital subjects, teachers ensure that we participate in fun, extra-curricular activities at the start of a new topic (we call these wow moments!). Around school, Locking Stumps has 5 banks of IPad trolleys to guarantee that the children have regular access to computing unlike other schools. Every Wednesday, children participate in PPA in which we learn to play an instrument, or sing, in music and do P.E- each lasting for an hour. Every two years (in year 2, 4 and 6) the children go on a residential to: Tattenall, Conwy and Plas Caerdeon.

If you have any further questions don’t hesitate to book an appointment with the office.                              

From a very happy pupil,


Dear Parent / Carer,

You’re a parent with a 3 year old child that’s about to join their first school after the summer holidays. But then you realize… you haven’t allocated your child to a school! Never fear, Locking Stumps is here! As a valued student in year 6, I can say that if your child joins this school success is guaranteed in his/her later life. Ofsted visited our school in 2017 and all our grades were good except behaviour (which was outstanding!).

All children are professionally looked after and educated by our wonderful, kind teachers. The outstanding behaviour grade was not earned by just one day. Throughout the year our standards are exceptional; if not, teachers are steaming with effort to get the standards back to its peak. If any bullying were to take place, teachers would handle it efficiently and thoroughly.

As all schools do, Topic, Math, and English are our main subjects. However, there is a variety of fun lessons planned throughout the terms. Just to mention a few (and not to show off): sports day, PE, music, computing and residentials every 2 years. Samba and the bucket are also things we do in yr3 to 4.We are constantly being regarded as sensational singers: an accolade we are very proud of. Did you know that Locking Stumps is one of the few schools in England with their own school anthem!?

Our school is truly an amazing school and is recommended by many other adults. Lockie’s is the place to be as a child. We look forward to     A very happy student,


Dear Parent / Carer,

                          As a valued student in Locking Stumps, I find that it is my place to ease your nerves about your child’s first steps in their school life; I can inform you that we are an amazing school and you will not regret your decision. I have been valued in this school since Reception- I am sure your child will be too. Would you want your child to miss out on this amazing opportunity?

In our most recent Ofsted report- January 24th 2017- we were judged outstanding for the behavioural aspects of our school. This is one of our many accolades! As a school, we have continuous expectations for high- standards. In addition, we do not tolerate bullying (this is an issue that rarely occurs). Our impeccable manners are what many visitors comment on during visits to Locking Stumps.

Throughout our school, we cater for every interests in our lessons. Our astounding teachers ensure all pupils have a chance at answering questions during school time. Every fortnight, we have a lesson named PSHE. This is a lesson where we discuss the danger of the outside world and also how to stay fit and healthy.

In Locking Stumps, we learn the vital subjects such: Maths, Topic and English. Not only do we do the important subjects, we also have WOW Moments; this is where we do a fun activity linked to our upcoming Topic. Every Wednesday, we have a lesson(s) called PPA. During PPA, we either do music- lead by the talented Mrs. Berry- PE (leaded by the awesome Mrs. Daley) or computing, led by the fabulous Mrs. Watkinson. In Year 6, we have a- once-in-a-life-time experience at Plas Caerdeon, an outdoor activity centre, where we learn teamwork skills which is helpful in our later life.

In this overview of our school, I have only covered a few of the many incredible aspects of Locking Stumps. If you have any questions or concerns do not hesitate to ask the lovely ladies in the office. Hope to see you soon!

Many Thanks,


Dear Parent/Carer,

As a valued and loved pupil at Locking Stumps I feel it is my obligation to inform you of the fantastic opportunities at this School. Can you afford to miss this opportunity? Having inspirational teachers, allows each child to have and develop their own talents. Whether it may be Maths or English or the Arts – all children are valued here. This letter aims to outline just some of the exceptional opportunities available for your child at Locking Stumps.

Receiving our last Ofsted report, we were judged ‘Good’. Behaviour in our school is outstanding! Standards are exceedingly high at Locking Stumps and our environment continually fosters respect and encouragement, as recognised by Ofsted. This demonstrates that even from Reception, high standards can be developed.

Locking Stumps applies a range of extra-curricular activities; whatever they may be. From tournaments to residential and even school trips! Your child will experience a wide proportion of excitement and education. Having a tournament during school allows children to keep fit and healthy and even make new friends. These are all vitally important to children today.

Furthermore, each and every child has their own chance to shine; regardless of their talent. With a celebration assembly children can show off great work they have been doing or perform a hidden talent. Having tournaments in and out of school gives your child to experience other life skills. As you can see, Locking Stumps is the place to be. From residential and school trips to tournaments and friendships – Locking Stumps has got it all. There is really no question about whether you should entrust your child’s education to us

Yours Sincerely


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