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Our Safeguarding Team

Our safeguarding team are aware of the eSafety rules applied within our school. If we have any eSafety concerns regarding the safeguarding of our children then they are made aware. We also have a Healthy and Safety children's team. More information about this team can be found by visiting our 'Safeguarding Section'.

'Think then Click' - Our eSafety Rules


At School:

  • We ask permission before using the computers, iPads or other electronic equipment.
  • We only view or delete our own work and not the work of other pupils.
  • We only use websites or applications that an adult has chosen or that we think will help us with our work.
  • We immediately close and report any webpage that we are not sure about.
  • We tell an adult if we see anything we are uncomfortable with.
  • We only e-mail people an adult has approved using the school email addresses provided by our teacher.
  • We never give out personal information e.g.name, numbers or passwords.
  • We never arrange to meet anyone we do not know.
  • We do not open e-mails sent by anyone we do not know.
  • We do not use social networking sites.
  • We do not write, send or print any materials that are unfriendly.
  • We always acknowledge materials that we have used from the internet.
  • We do not use computers, mobile phones, iPads or other electronic equipment to hurt or upset other people.
  • We will try to remember these rules when using computers, mobile phones or other electronic equipment outside school.


Outside of School:

  • We will use the eSafety skills that we learn in school to help us and others stay safe at home.
  • We understand that any issues relating to eSafety that occur at home could be dealt with within school, particularly if they involve our school or pupils. 


I know that if I break any of these rules I may not be allowed to use any electronic devices within school.

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